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The good news is that more and more people are out there pulling buffelgrass

The bad news is that it is still growing faster than we can pull. 

We need your help!

Thank you everyone who goes out and pulls buffelgrass on your own land or the public land or comes out for Beat Back Buffelgrass Day. It is making a difference. To sustain the effort, we need to ask you for some cold hard cash.

On April 9th, 2014 the Alliance for Arizona Non-profits is sponsoring Arizona Gives Day.  Hundreds of nonprofits across Arizona are participating.  SABCC would love to be included in your giving for the day.  It doesn’t take much.  In addition to the donation dollars we receive, there is a competition for number of dollars as well as number of donors.  Please give what you can to show your support!  But you don’t need to wait until the 9th.  You can start donating now!

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Beat Back Buffelgrass Day 2014 - Thank You!


Buffelgrass invasion is threatening to transform the mostly fireproof and diverse Sonoran Desert into a flammable and impoverished savanna, affecting both natural and urban areas.

On Saturday, January 25th, people from all over our community came together to pull buffelgrass from our neighborhoods, roads, washes and schools.  Thanks to everyone who helped in innumerable ways.

Here is a list of our Sponsors - Please thank them

Here are the numbers for the day

We took some time lapse photos of the work at the Mortimore Neighborhood site.

Here is the UA Softball Team making short work of it.

And here is the video the UA Softball Team made of the day!



Buffelgrass Identification Guide

  • Buffelgrass Identification Pocket Guide (full PDF link)

  • High-quality, High-resolution pictures of buffelgrass at various life stages and various settings

  • Key characteristics for identifying buffelgrass

  • Hard copy is water-resistant and tear-resistant

  • PDF looks great on smart phones!

Buffelgrass Removal on TV

Buffelgrass on TV! Van Nguyen from the UA MPASA program volunteered with us for our recent Days of Caring Buffelgrass Removal Event in the Sunnyside Neighborhood. Van put together this short piece which aired on KVOA recently. There wasn't time to mention SABCC or Tucson Clean and Beautiful by name but we're still proud of it.

Thanks to Van and all our other hardworking volunteers!

SABCC Welcome Page


The Southwest Fire Science Consortium has produced a 11 minute video of the work that SABCC is doing.

Read the article here



Why we are so focused on Buffelgrass in Southern Arizona - take a few minutes to view this short film.

"Buffelgrass and the fire it brings are poised to destroy our Sonoran Desert ecosystems and threaten public safety, possibly more effectively and faster than drought, development, or almost any other potential disaster." - Southern Arizona resident

Buffelgrass Invasion: Its Threat to the Sonoran Desert and Our Will to Stop It

Produced by: Mark Betancourt

Major Funding Provided by: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum; Pima County Natural Resources, Parks & Recreation; Tohono O'odham Nation; National Park Service; Southern Arizona Native Plant Society; USDA-Forest Service; U.S. Geological Survey; Sandy Lanham; and Environmental Flying Services


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The Center's mission is to provide a regional information center that emphasizes an integrated management approach to control buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare) in Southern Arizona.